Practice Grilling Safety in the Summer

As we head into the summer months, there are more opportunities for outdoor activities like cookouts. Cookouts are a great way for family and friends to get together and spend some time enjoying the nice weather. Keep your loved ones safe by knowing safe grilling procedures. Read on to learn about 5 grilling safety tips for summer cookouts.

1. Know Your Grill

Grilling safety begins with knowing your grill and how it works. Read the owner’s manual before operating your grill. The manual will teach you the proper way to use your specific model. When you know how to operate the grill properly, it’s less likely that an accident will occur.

2. Keep a Safe Distance From the House

The grilling area should be away from your home, foot traffic, and areas where children and pets play. Because of the open flame, never use your grill inside or close to your home or under trees with low-hanging branches.

The smoke coming off the grill contains carbon monoxide. Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning by keeping the grill in an open space, not in an enclosed area. Outside activities like lawn games should happen away from the grilling area. Finally, make sure children and pets know to stay away from the grill. 

3. Grilling Safety Includes Cleaning Before Using

Clean the grill after each use and again before food is cooked on it. Fat and grease are flammable, so letting them build up on the grill is dangerous. Get a special grill cleaning brush to scrub the grill racks so they’re clean and ready for use. Place raw meat on one side of the grill and non-meat food items on the other to prevent cross-contamination and foodborne illnesses.

4. Never Leave Your Grill Unattended

If you’ve been appointed the chef for the night, make sure to keep your eye on the grill. Never leave it unattended as it only takes a second for an accident to occur. An unattended grill could catch fire or kids or pets can be injured.

5. Shut the Grill Down

Make sure your grill is shut down properly. If you’re using a charcoal grill, completely extinguish the coals before going inside for the night. With a gas grill, check to verify that the propane switch is in the off position.

Grilling Safety Rules Prevent Injuries

Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy cookouts with friends and family. Grilling safety should be a top priority. Familiarizing yourself with your grill by reading the owner’s manual is an important first step to making sure you stay safe grilling this summer.

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