Keep Mosquitoes Off Your Property and Reclaim Your Yard

The warmer months are a great time to entertain, garden, grill out, and otherwise spend time outside. Mosquitoes can ruin a perfectly good summer day. Follow these tips to keep mosquitoes off your property so you can enjoy your yard again.

Remove Standing Water Promptly

Remove stagnant water to keep mosquitoes off your property. Mosquitoes need standing water to breed, though the volume of water they need to lay eggs is very small. It’s about the same as what can fill a bottle cap. The complete breeding cycle takes about eight to ten days, so water should be dumped within a couple of days of rainfall.

After it rains, look for standing water in your yard. Remember to check saucers under flower pots, tires, toys, pet bowls, and buckets. Since clogged gutters collect water, keep them clear of debris. Empty wading pools and turn them over when not in use. Add soil to fill low spots in your yard that collect rainwater.

Deal With Water Features to Keep Mosquitoes Off Your Property

When you have water features in your yard, it’s more challenging to keep mosquitoes off your property. Without adequate planning, swimming pools, fountains, bird baths, and ponds can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Regular movement from swimmers or a pump should keep mosquitoes from laying eggs. Regular pool maintenance and keeping pool chemicals balanced are additional ways to keep mosquito eggs from surviving in your pool.

Adding fish to your pond is a natural way to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there. An alternative is to use a larvicide in your pond or birdbath. Many effective larvicides are made of Bti, a naturally occurring bacterium.

Clear Clutter from Your Yard

Water collects in clutter and gives mosquitoes a place to breed. Clutter can create the damp, shaded areas that adult mosquitoes love. Clear your yard and store items you don’t use regularly inside.

Trim Foliage to Keep Mosquitoes Off Your Property

Foliage also provides the damp, shady conditions that adult mosquitoes prefer. Trim shrubs and keep lawns mowed to reduce these areas.

Use Screens in Windows and Doors

Barriers keep mosquitoes from getting inside your home. Install screen doors and window screens. Repair or replace damaged window screens. They must fit snugly to prevent mosquitoes from fitting between the screen and the window frame. Also, be sure to fill gaps in the areas around doors, windows, and air conditioning units. To keep mosquitoes out of the house, make a rule to always keep outside doors closed.

Run Fans

Put fans on your deck, patio, or porch to keep mosquitoes off your property. Mosquitoes are poor flyers and cannot withstand the fan’s breeze. Fans are an ideal mosquito deterrent when you’re entertaining outdoors or gardening.

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